The Person

Yogesh Babar

Yogesh Babar

A young man who has tasted both failures and success in a very short span of time, today Yogesh has become an inspiration to many.

Yogesh is a 2009 BE-IT Shivaji-University pass out, who has won various accolades in college projects, technical-paper presentations and programming contests.

He has always been fond of reading and writing books on technical and influential subjects.
Excelled in Volleyball and enthusiastically follows almost all field sports.

Yogesh’s liking for the Linux Operating System began as any other curious newbie, since the early college days of his engineering.
Eventually, he wanted to reach out to a larger audience to spread the knowledge of what Open source meant to him and how it can bring meaning to every aspect of our life to help an individual understand, grow and contribute to the Upstream Community  This in mind, Yogesh started conducting workshops as early as his second year of college and taking this passion ahead, he slowly started reaching out to students from different universities across Maharashtra.

Yogesh’s passion for teaching is evident through his voracious speeches and the ability to storm a crowd with the “Just Do IT” attitude in it. He engulfs his audience with a clear and street-smart examples about life in relation to Linux, to spread the rich source of knowledge about open source – he has gained over the years, at the same time, Sticking to the idea of what is called as “SHARING“.

With the right mix of gratitude and selfless esteem, he has, over the years portrayed what can be called as a
balance of an outstanding engineer and a passionate teacher. Till date Yogesh has successfully delivered more than 65+ workshops and spread knowledge to more than 18,000+ students.

Yogesh was a part of those few people who could make it into ‘Red Hat’ as fresher. Having a very special interest in “How an Operating System Boots”, today, he has taken his work and knowledge to a completely different level, due to which he is also named as the “booting specialist” at Red Hat.

Currently Yogesh is working as a ‘System Engineer’ at Red Hat Linux Software Services with 4+ years of strong professional experience in solving and addressing issues with Linux kernel.