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The best speech ever.

World is not without Good people.

Seize the moment.

Know your value.

No big deal. Just three stories from my life.

This is how Legend is getting born….

Look me in the eyes.

People are awesome.

This is How Winners Are Made.

Just do it..!

Success comes after hard work.

I will show you how great I am….

Go live your life without fear

This is called happiness..

You want something go get it..Period!!!


Rocky Balboa Speech

I couldn’t BELIEVE to my Surprise how BEAUTIFUL a thought “EACH” segment of LYRICS, in this DREAMY Romantic poetry – KEPT unfurling in front of my EYES! -”already entranced” by the SHEER Beauty of the PREVIOUS thought, & CAPTIVATING visual! Truly a song only a passionate Soul in love could sing to her beloved! & ONLY sensitive hearts could REALLY grasp the Depth of BEAUTY “within”! What a “GEM”.

.All time faviorite,..sensible…touching…Asha, Shanta shelke, Pt, Hridaynath all the legends together…