Teaching is my passion, and conducting these workshops help me realize this dream. Helping others learn and empower them with knowledge fulfills my desire to do something great with my life. I work on the principle of collect, enhance and teach :


Being close to the industry, I’m exposed to lot of technology, new and old. I get information from various sources, inside and outside; only material that is relevant to the students is picked up.


Once I get the material I’d like to present, I work to make it easily digestible to the students.


Having been a student myself, I understand what piques a student interest, I know how to keep them engaged, and create a wonderful experience.

Workshops :

The first thing I would like to mention is that, I am not doing seminars, instead I am doing workshops. A seminar is where people sit and listen to the speaker with some power point presentations. But, my workshops are far removed from this theoretical approach. My workshops are based on HARD CORE practicals which are prevalant in the industry.

I do following workshops

1) Linux Wizard workshop:(1 Day/7 Hours)

  • a) Why? —Is it really necessary to learn Linux?
  • b) What? —Do you really think Linux is just an OS? The principles of Linux, open source, free software foundation, Licensing etc.
  • c) How? —Linux is very simple; it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity
  • d) Introduction —Introduction of RedHat/Suse/ubuntu/Mandriva/Debain/Slackware/Oracle linux/Cent OS/Fedora.
  • e) Installation of Linux OS –How to install Linux OS with all the troubleshooting options.
  • f) Basic Commands —Dive into Linux.
  • g) Mounting —Mount anything anywhere. One of the best feature and power of Linux.
  • h) Package Installation —Is it possible to install/update/remove software’s just like windows? Here we will be comparing 6 different Linux Operating Systems.
  • i) Network Setup —Linux is designed for network. Assigning IP/Hostnames/Subnet to the system.
  • j) Telnet Server —Configuring Telnet server.
  • k) Ftp server —One of the oldest protocols.
  • l) Samba Server —Connecting Linux to the windows system.
  • m) Database Server –Configuring mysql database.
  • n) Web Server —Willing to host my own website.
  • o) Firewall —Show me something why is Linux secure.

2) Ethical Hacking and Security workshop:(2 Days/12 Hours)

First Day: (6 hours)

  1. What? Why? How?
  2. Laws.
  3. Introduction
  4. Foot Printing -Get the information about Server system/Applications/OS/Network etc.
  5. Gaining Access -Breaking passwords (XP/VISTA/SEVEN/2003/2008/LINUX(red hat/suse))
  6. Maintaining Access -Crash servers. (Here i will demonstrate how to crash the servers and it will be live demo)
  7. Stealing data
  8. Tracing Hackers (How cops traces the hackers?)

Second Day: (6 hours)

  1. Email Hacking
  2. Certificate system
  3. Encryption Decryption.
  4. Open SSH
  5. Linux Security.
  6. Career opportunities.

The second Day will be full of security and industry standard practical’s. During the session 19 different OS’s will be used for demonstration.

3) Booting : (2 days/19 Hours)

First Day: (9 Hours)

  1. Booting Concept.
  2. Why ? What ?
  3. Partitioning
  4. Introduction to different Os’s
  5. Sequences of Os’s
  6. What is Live Media ?
  7. What is Bootable Media ?
  8. Multi-Booting Following Os’s
    1. Windows XP
    2. Sun Solaris
    3. PC-BSD
    4. Windows 2003
    5. Windows Seven
    6. Windows Eight
    7. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6Fedora 17
    8. Ubuntu
    9. Suse Linux

Second Day: (9 Hours)

  1. Boot Flags
  2. Kernels
  3. Boot-Loaders
  4. History of Every OS
  5. MBR (Master Boot Record)
  6. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
  7. GRUB-1 (Grand Unified Boot Loader -1)
  8. GRUB-2 (Grand Unified Boot Loader -2)
  9. Booting Windows and Macintosh together (Dual Boot)
  10. Installing Macintosh os on a normal hardware.
  11. Ancient and rare OS’s will be shown like:
    1. World’s first/second/third OS.
    2. World’s first GUI based OS.
    3. The first OS which used mouse.
    4. Server side operating systems used by yahoo, cisco etc.
    5. Windows every OS right from Microsoft’s establishment to till this date.
    6. Linux and UNIX complete history.
    7. An overview of Open source movement.
  12. How Linux boots (In depth)
  13. Building Wolds cheapest/Portable/smallest Computer (Cheaper than Tablets)
  14. An industry level booting issue.
  15. I will also show some of my Linux projects like ‘home automation’ using Linux.

4) Open source (1 day/6 hours):

  1. Open Source?
  2. Free?
  3. Licenses?
  4. Community?
  5. Red Hat’s unique Business model.
  6. History and Future.

5) How to make your own operating system? (2 days/19 hours):

  1. Compiler construction.
  2. Linker/ Loader
  3. Tools chain
  4. Linux kernel construction
  5. Kernel Build system
  6. Device Drivers
  7. Kernel Debugging.
  8. Embedded systems.
  9. ARM processors.
  10. Porting Linux on ARM processor.
  11. Bootloaders.

6) The design of Unix Operating System (Daily Batch-2 Month/Weekend Batch-3 Month):

I will be teaching a amazing/revolutionary book named ‘The design of Unix Operating System’ by ‘Maurice J. Batch’:

  1. General Overview of the System.
  2. Introduction to the Kernel.
  3. The Buffer Cache.
  4. Internal Representation of Files.
  5. System Calls for the File System.
  6. The Structure of Processes.
  7. Process Control.
  8. Process Scheduling and Time.
  9. Memory Management Policies.
  10. The I/O Subsystem.
  11. Interprocess Communication.
  12. Multi- processor Systems.
  13. Distributed UNIX Systems

Workshops – more detail :

I have done almost 45+ workshops in engineering, post graduation colleges and in polytechnics. Out of these I have performed twice at university level, twice at state level and once at National Level for Engineering/MCA students. The following are some of the colleges where I have performed these sessions:

There are more than 7000+ students who have attended my workshops through out Shivaji, Pune, Mumbai and Solapur universities.

Workshop requirements :

On the day of workshop I will be needing one LCD projector, a proper broadband internet connection and the most important thing students hunger towards ‘KNOWLEDGE’.

Also, note that in each workshop I will be conducting a separate Question/Answer session.


The Person

Yogesh’s passion for teaching is evident through his voracious speeches and the ability to storm a crowd with the “Just Do IT” attitude in it. He engulfs his audience with a clear and street-smart examples about life in relation to Linux, to spread the rich source of knowledge about open source – he has gained over ...............



Every participant will be getting a DVD and a certificate..

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